Israel arrests 5,600 Palestinians in year since Trump’s Jerusalem decision

Israeli occupation authorities have arrested more than 5,600 Palestinians since 6 December 2017, when US President Donald Trump announced his administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Publish date : Saturday 8 December 2018 22:22
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The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said that the majority of the arrests took place in the first following  Trump’s announcement as Palestinians protested across occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip.
During its 50 years of military occupation of the West Bank – including East Jerusalem – and the Gaza Strip, Israel has detained approximately 800,000 Palestinians; including women and children.
Trump’s administration has been repeatedly targeted Palestinians since it came to power in 2017. Earlier this year it decided to end its funding of the UN organisation setup to support Palestinian refugees, close the PLO Office in Washington, and has repeated tried to pass resolutions which condemn the Palestinian resistance at the UN level, most recently yesterday when its draft resolution failed to receive he necessary backing.