Iranian author releases book on unity in view of Qur’an

Iranian Qur’an researcher has released book explaining the social view of Qur’an interpreters in line with promoting Islamic unity among Muslims.
Publish date : Saturday 24 February 2018 16:15
Code: 314288
“Consensus and Unity in view of Social Interpreters of Qur’an” is the title of the latest book by Faraj-ullah Mir Arab published by the Research Center of Islamic Culture and Sciences, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Abstract of the book reads,” Qur’an, has schedules for materialization of social agreements tailored with man’s nature.”
According to the abstract Qur’an’s program is an inner plan which includes all people explaining all elements necessary for unity.
This research explains the fact that Qur’an is capable of comprising people from all walks of life and ideologies through its commitment to justice and solidarity preventing any dispersion or division.
“Consensus and Unity in view of Social Interpreters of Qur’an” by Faraj-ullah Mir Arab is a compilation of views by prominent Muslim scholars and philosophers including Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Hussein Tabatabaee (1903-1981), Sheikh Fadhl-ullah Noori (1843-1909), Mohammad al-Tahir ibn Ashur (1879-1973).
The book is the latest publication by Iran’s Research Center of Islamic Science and Culture.