Bpifrance ready to finance Iran’s economic projects

France’s Public Investment Bank, known as Bpifrance, is ready promote cooperation with Iran on financing the two countries’ economic projects.
Publish date : Saturday 10 February 2018 16:11
Code: 311330
Iranian Deputy Economy Minister Mohammad Khazaei, who is in Paris for a five-day visit aimed at holding talks with French officials on finalization of an MoU between Bpifrance and the Central Bank of Iran, held talks with the president of the French Public Investment Bank (Banque publique d'investissement) on Friday.

During the meeting, Khazaei said Iran is ready to work with the BPI Groupe S.A. on establishing a new horizon for long-term banking cooperation aimed at benefiting the companies in both countries.
“We will not stop calling for foreign finance and absorbing foreing investment in our projects and moving toward the improvement of our economic situation simply because of other countries’ caution and fear of investing in Iran’s projects,” Khazaei stressed.  

The officials at the Bpifrance announced at the meeting that the bank, with support from the French government, is fully ready to cooperate with Iran on financing the economic projects of the two countries.

They also stressed that they aim to finalize the agreement between Bpifrance and the Central Bank of Iran.