10th Fajr Visual Arts Fest. kicks off in Tehran

Iran hosts the 10th edition of Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts with participation of 91 works.
Publish date : Tuesday 23 January 2018 12:31
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The 10th edition of the festival, similar to its previous runs, has an interdisciplinary approach, showcasing a variety of arts from video art to installation art.

91 artworks have been selected from 10,640 submitted works, of which 33 works are by female artists and 58 works by male artists. 168 foreign artists from 53 countries across the world had filled out applications to take part in this year’s festival. Eight artworks to be showcased this year are by artists from Belgium, Brazil, Bangladesh, Peru, Turkey, Serbia, and Iraq.

Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts was founded in 2009, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. The aim of this festival is to introduce original ideas, interactive and creative artistic works from visual artists around the world.

The range of visual arts displayed at the festival include drawing, painting, miniature, calligraphy, ceramic, photography, caricature, graphic arts, sculpture, illustration, architecture (monument design), video art, installation, environmental, performance, new arts, etc.

The 10th edition of Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts is currently underway from January 23 through February 23, 2018 in Tehran.