Iran designes cardiac imaging device using nanotech

Iranian researchers designed and manufactured a device for imaging heart at its opening and closing time in cardiac patients.
Publish date : Saturday 23 December 2017 14:35
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Esmaeil Mohammadi Falavarjani, top Iranian graduated student in Biomechanics from Sharif University of Technology stressed, “nuclear medicine is a branch of medical specialty in which radioactive materials are used to diagnose and treat the diseases.”

He, who is the project manager for designing left ventricular systolic peak diagnostic device for imaging heart using nuclear technology, added “nuclear scanning of heart means imaging of blood conveyance of heart muscle using nuclear medicine.”

According ot Mehr, The imaging device comprises of amplifier, processing system, peak diagnosis and monitoring system and can be used for imaging heart, he maintained.

This sophisticated device has been tested successfully in medical centers [including Heart Hospital of Tehran, Shahid Sadooghinejad Hospital of Yazd and Resalat Nuclear Medicine Center] among more than 1,000 patients suffering from heart diseases.

Turning to the specifications of this project, he said “ability to monitor performance of the device via internet and also diagnose peak for heartbeats [ranging from 30 to 300 per minute], applicable in Animal Spect devices, ability to connect different types of Gamma Camera with various brands are the salient features of the device., Mohammadi observed.

As licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and European Commission (EC), cardiac imaging device can be provided with fair and reasonable price lower than its similar foreign brand in the market.

Esmaeil Mohammadi won second rank of applied researches in the field of nuclear medicine in 19th Khwarizmi Young Festival for the design and manufacturing left ventricular systolic microscopic diagnostic device for nuclear cardiac imaging, the report concluded.