Rapprochement, unity should be given consummate attention: Sunni cleric of Kurdistan

"Rapprochement among Islamic Denominations are of affairs should be taken seriously," Sunni Cleric of Kurdestan underscored.
Publish date : Tuesday 10 October 2017 13:11
Code: 287905

Member of the Sunni Council of Kurdistan in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) urged Muslims to give their consummate attention to the leading role of Unit stressing, "Rapprochement among Islamic Denominations are of affairs and main needs of Islamic World which should be taken seriously."

"The issue of approximation between Islamic religions is one of the issues that if considered in all Islamic countries seriously, then many a problem in the World of Islam will be sorted out," pointed out the religious cleric.

The religious cleric hailed the measures and steps taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran and special attention given by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Ian to this area.

"Organizing conferences and meetings with the presence of the scholars and religious thinkers of the Islamic world with the theme of unity and rapprochement among Islamic religions can be of special help for sorting the problems out," stressed the religious cleric. "As each of these influential scholars and thinkers can convey unity messages from these conferences and meetings to various parts of the Muslim world." 

"In this regard, the religious scholars of Kurdistan have always been united," stressed the religious cleric noting they (Kurdistan religious thinkers) had always informed people in this area trying their very utmost to boost unity.