Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 6 Dec 2022 - 14:02 https://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/575977/yemen-s-consultative-council-condemns-al-ziyar-mosque-bombing -------------------------------------------------- Title : Yemen’s Consultative Council condemns al-Ziyar Mosque bombing -------------------------------------------------- Yemen’s Shura Council has condemned recent bombing of al-Ziyar Mosque in west of the coast of Hadramout leaving seven worshipers dead and 22 others wounded. Text : Yemeni Shura Council in its statement issued following the bombing of al-Ziyar Mosque stressed that the treacherous move has happened in shadow of the insecurity and the suspicious measures by the aggressive coalition in Hadramout and other southern provinces.   The statement has warned the people against threats and intrigues hatched by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen.   It also reiterated that Yemeni people reject such criminal measures which go against their values and also all Islamic and humane principles.   Yemeni Shura Council has warned that the coalition forces and their mercenaries should stand responsible for repercussions of such criminal plots which threaten the security and peace of the people.   The Parliament offered sympathy with the bereaved families of the victims and those wounded in the incident.