Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 3 Jun 2022 - 13:20 https://www.taghribnews.com/en/note/552096/imam-khomeini-s-political-thought -------------------------------------------------- Title :  Imam Khomeini's political thought -------------------------------------------------- Saturday is the 33rd anniversary of the demise of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Under this pretext, Imam Khomeini's political thought is briefly examined. Text :   The focus of Islam   One of the main foundations of thought of Imam Khomeini was to focus on pure Islam, which originates from his monotheistic view, and this is taken from the verse which considers God and the religion of God to be the highest and greatest. An idea that rejects secular Islam and relies on Islam for salvation, guidance, and justice. Imam sees the only way to save humanity in all stages of life and the material and spiritual progress of human society depends on the pure Islam of the great Prophet Mohammed: "Islam is a religion that opens the way to the spiritual upliftment of man by regulating material activities. Thus, "genuine Islamic knowledge guides us to the advancement of a society full of human talents, piety, and social justice."     Reliance on divine help   Instead of relying on material and empty powers, Imam Khomeini firmly and seriously relied on the eternal power of God and stood firm because he deeply believed that God would never abandon his religion and the supporters of his religion and that God Help will never fail. With the same thought, he crossed the hardest necks of that day with a firm will.   Imam Khomeini during all the struggles and after that tried not to deviate from the divine path and the intention of sincerity and performing religious duties. He even introduced jihad and efforts to establish the Islamic government and strengthen its foundations and thwart the conspiracies of the enemies as a religious duty and to please the Lord of the world. This does not mean that Imam Khomeini did not pay attention to the life, social, political, and economic affairs of the people and only strive for the establishment and consolidation of the Islamic government, but he paid full attention to all this, but through the implementation of the rules and laws of Islam.   Trusting the people   One of the principles that Imam Khomeini strongly adhered to was the power of the people, and for this reason, after relying on God, he never saw himself alone, he considered all sections of society interrelated, and this principle was one of the reasons for the constant support of the people for the Imam and his popularity among the people. The idea of republicanism was derived from the idea that this system belongs to the people and the people are the main owners of this system. In this thinking, the officials are considered to be the servants of the people and the Imam considers the people who must be respected a lot. Supporting and defending the deprived and the oppressed   The late Imam considered supporting the deprived in the direction of social justice and the fight against oppression and corruption. Therefore, one of the most frequent words of the Imam was to fight corruption and pay attention to the poor and oppressed everywhere in the world. According to this principle, this type of government pays special attention to the rights of the oppressed and defends the poor. One of the most important ideals of Imam Khomeini was the realization of social justice, the reduction of class distance, the elimination of oppressive discrimination, the protection of the deprived and the fight against poverty.     Fight the oppressor and arrogance   One of the basic principles of Imam s thought was to fight against oppression and his anti-arrogant spirit. This thinking is taken from the Holy Quran and various narrations in Islam. He resisted both individual and social and political tyranny. Accordingly, he stood up to the Shah s regime and overthrew it with the divine care and popular support, and then stood up to the world s greatest arrogant giant, the United States, and called it the "Great Satan," whose slogan has become a global issue today. On the other hand, the issue of fighting global Zionism and the need to defend the oppressed people of Palestine has become the first issue of the Islamic world and even the free.