Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 8 Oct 2022 - 21:44 https://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/568152/recent-anti-iran-violent-attacks-undeniably-linked-with-west-s-support-for-rioters-spokesman-says -------------------------------------------------- Title : Recent anti-Iran violent attacks undeniably linked with West's support for rioters, spokesman says -------------------------------------------------- The spokesperson of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kannani in his latest tweet called the link between similar violent attacks on Iran diplomatic missions in Europe and West's political support for rioters undeniable. Text : He noted: "2/Recently there were similar violent attacks on our diplo missions in Europe. The link between such assaults and West s political support for rioters is undeniable."   Foreign Ministry summoned Denmark s ambassador to Tehran over the Friday attack of a man armed with a knife on the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Copenhagen. An armed man after entering the embassy threatened the Iranian ambassador, harmed an embassy employee with his knife, and damaged the parked cars in the embassy. The Danish ambassador in Tehran was informed of the Islamic Republic of Iran s protest about the lack of diplomatic security for its embassy and diplomats in that country. It was emphasized in talks with the ambassador that in accordance with the Vienna Convention, the host country s responsibility in this respect is clearly mentioned, and it is strongly expected that the Danish government will remain committed to its international commitments regarding the diplomatic premises. The ambassador of Denmark in Tehran apologized for the unfortunate incident and ensured the Foreign Ministry official that the required security measures have after that incident been intensified and will remain so in the future. He also said that the protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be urgently conveyed to Copenhagen.