Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 24 Sep 2022 - 15:59 https://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/566587/israeli-forces-arrest-several-palestinians-in-west-bank-raids -------------------------------------------------- Title : Israeli forces arrest several Palestinians in West Bank raids -------------------------------------------------- Israeli forces have raided refugee camp in eastern Nablus detaining a number of Palestinians during armed clashes at early hours of Saturday. Text : Two other Palestinians, including an ex-prisoner, were stopped and detained at the Beit Furik checkpoint, east of Nablus, while another young man was rounded up at the Container checkpoint.   Tel Aviv regime forces also arrested a young man from his family house in Kafr Ein village, northwest of Ramallah.   Meanwhile, violent clashes continued in al-Tur town for the second consecutive day in protest against the young man Muhammad Abu Juma s killing at the hands of the Israeli police.   Israeli forces heavily used tear gas and sound bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets during the clashes.   Clashes have also erupted in al-Khalil city after Israeli forces stormed Palestinians targeting them with teargas.   Meanwhile an Israeli military vehicle ran over a Palestinian young man, after clashes erupted in the Al-Tur area in Nablus.   The young man was moved to hospital, suffering different injuries and bruises.   Israeli military raids and killings have become an almost daily reality in Jenin and Nablus over the past few weeks.