Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 27 May 2022 - 16:43 http://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/551168/iran-says-some-regional-countries-transferring-terrorists-to-afghanistan -------------------------------------------------- Title : Iran says some regional countries transferring terrorists to Afghanistan -------------------------------------------------- Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran has noted during his speech in the fourth edition of the Regional Security Dialogue Forum that according to worrying evidence some regional countries are in engaged in transferring and directing terrorists to Afghanistan. Text : At the beginning of the speech, Shamkhani thanked the Tajik President and his Tajik counterpart for holding the fourth edition ofRegional Security Dialogue forum. Explaining the situation in the region, especially the developments in Afghanistan in the last twenty years, and referring to the disgraceful defeat and escape of the United States from Afghanistan, he stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always wanted to establish security, peace and stability in Afghanistan and considers it a necessary platform for the development and welfare of the people of this country and the people of the region." He pointed out that Iran has hosted nearly five million people of Afghanistan for many years and noted: "In the absence of effective international assistance and in the context of oppressive sanctions, hosting this number has imposed many problems on our country." Shamkhani pointed out: "The population of Afghan citizens who came to Iran is more than the population of 110 countries in the world." The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran added: "The main culprit in the occurrence of two catastrophes, including the outbreak of the 20-year war in Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine, is the wrong and expansionist policies of the United States." "The United States must not only release the assets of the Afghan people, but also compensate for the material damage it has caused in Afghanistan," he said. Shamkhani made the remarks: "Iran considers security in the region as an interconnected matter and believes that security, peace and stability in Afghanistan are necessary for all countries in the region." He stated that countries in the region must focus on security-building measures and put joint deterrents on the agenda to prevent paving the ground for insecurity and instability. Shamkhani highlighted terrorism and extremism as important factors of insecurity in Afghanistan and said: "Unfortunately, we have worrying evidence of the presence and involvement of some countries in the region and beyond in transferring and directing terrorists to Afghanistan." He added, of course, that countries, especially the Afghan governing body, must be held accountable for tackling this problem. The high-ranking official added: "The feeling of discrimination and deprivation of rights in various aspects is one of the main areas that allow the abuse by terrorist groups and the grounds for such a disaster must be eliminated." In another part of his speech, the Secretary of the Supreme Security Council of Iran has stated that security and stability in Afghanistan have a close relationship with the establishment of comprehensive sovereignty; If the tribes and groups of this country consider themselves an effective partner in governing it, at least part of the problems of this country will be solved. Referring to the continuation of US intervention in Afghanistan, Shamkhani said: "If we want to limit the scope of US intervention in Afghanistan, we must work together to solve the problems of the people of this country, especially economic problems." The Secretary of Iran s Supreme National Security Council mentioned the joint efforts to fight terrorism and help create a mechanism for the return of Afghan refugees to their country as other ways to help stabilize the country.