Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 23 Jun 2021 - 14:04 http://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/508931/israeli-extremist-mps-storm-palestinian-homes-in-sheikh-jarrah -------------------------------------------------- Title : Israeli extremist MPs storm Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah -------------------------------------------------- Two extremist members of Israeli Parliament Knesset raided Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon to force them leave their homes. Text : The two MKs, Bezalel Smotrich and Orit Strock from the far-right Religious Zionism Party, raided the Palestinian homes accompanied by a number of illegal Jewish settlers and protected by Israeli police officers. The group stormed the neighborhood and threatened three Palestinian families, the Diab, Al Kurd and Qasim families that they will be forcibly expelled from their homes within one month. Local residents gathered together in defense of the Palestinian families and fend off the intruders. Israeli MP Smotrich has a background of racist provocations against Palestinians. He met with Israeli settlers who had taken over part of the Al Kurd family home before being ordered to leave by police. This is while the residents of Sheikh Jarrah have been subjected to regular harassment by extremist MKs and Jewish settlers. 20 Palestinians have been wounded and two others detained, the Red Crescent Society reported.