Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 21 Jan 2022 - 13:11 http://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/535318/president-highlights-achievements-of-high-profile-trip-to-russia -------------------------------------------------- Title : President highlights achievements of high-profile trip to Russia -------------------------------------------------- After returning from Russia at Mehrabad Airport, the Iranian President explained the agreements reached with Russian officials on the expansion of relations in various economic and political fields. Text : Noting that a fundamental agreement was reached during the visit to expand comprehensive, stable and beneficial relations between the two countries, the President added: "Undoubtedly, the development of relations with Russia will contribute to the security and welfare of the two nations." The high ranking official said: "The expansion of bilateral cooperation between Tehran and Moscow will certainly provide security for the region and the international arena." "We also discussed monetary and banking issues between the two countries," he said. "The two countries can take steps to break the dollar s dominance in monetary and banking relations and trade in the national currency." The President noted: "Our Minister of Oil also had good agreements with Russian energy officials in the field of development of oil and gas fields." Ayatollah Raisi also stated that in the field of trade issues, it was agreed to remove trade barriers and promoting trade leaps between the two countries. Currently, the level of trade between the two countries is not acceptable, so the two countries agreed to increase trade between the two countries to $ 10 billion a year in the first step. The President noted that the two countries also agreed to more accurately identify the agricultural potential as well as the appropriate areas for the exchange of agricultural goods between the two sides in order to increase the exchange of agricultural goods. Raisi further stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has very good capacities in the field of transit and transportation, and said: "During this trip, it was agreed to activate the north-south corridor. This transit route will make the transit time and time of goods from Russia and different northern countries of Iran to the southern regions much shorter. The President added: "During this visit, good talks were also held on the expansion of defense, aerospace and space cooperation, and it was decided that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Petroleum, as the Iranian side of the Joint Economic Commission, will implement the resolutions and agreements between the two countries to follow the final result." Ayatollah elsewhere highlighted: "In the field of foreign policy, the first point that was raised in the talks was the issue of common positions and perceptions that exist between foreign developments between the two countries. This common understanding will expand cooperation between the two countries." "There is no doubt that cooperation between Iran and Russia can help resolve regional crises and international issues and promote security, stability, peace and justice," he said, noting, "For example, the experience of good cooperation between Iran and Russia in the fight against terrorism and maintaining security in Syria can be repeated in other areas, including the Caucasus region and other areas agreed upon by both sides." Raisi pointed out: "Today, the presence of Islamic Iran in the region as an independent and powerful country is a security making presence, and neighboring countries witnessed that wherever Iran was present, contrary to the presence and interference of foreigners who created a security problem for the region, security was provided." The President expressed hope that the issues raised during his three-hour meeting with the Russian President would be operationalized as soon as possible. "We hope that this trip will be a turning point in improving relations with Russia, and that the combination of these relations will help improve security in the region and resolve regional and global crises." During his visit to Russia, Ayatollah Raisi, in addition to meeting with his Russian counterpart, also met with Iranians living in Russia, Russian economic activists and businessmen, and the chairman of the Muslim Council of Russia. The President also addressed members of the Russian Duma and members of the Academic Council, professors and students of the Moscow National University, and was awarded the honorary doctorate of the Moscow National University.