Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 22 Nov 2022 - 20:46 https://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/574152/judiciary-releases-100-people-in-connection-with-sistan-and-baluchistan-s-incidents -------------------------------------------------- Title : Judiciary releases 100 people in connection with Sistan and Baluchistan's incidents -------------------------------------------------- The spokesman of the Judiciary said regarding currency fluctuations: "21 people have been arrested on charges of disrupting the country's economic system through unauthorized transactions and 14 people have been arrested in connection with the future currency." Text :  He noted: "The scenes that happened in the streets of some cities of the country in recent days showed the depth of enemies plans and dreams for the future of a unified and proud Iran. Those who were armed by international criminals are the ones who encourage the terrorists behind the media. Today, the enemy has revealed its face and is giving orders for murder, assassination, etc. The spokesman of the Judiciary pointed out: "The enemy is angry at the failure of his appeals, the enemy was trying to bring the people to the stage, but he did not succeed. Assaulting the defenseless people and security guards and killing the youth of this nation with knives and firearms in the street and naming the victims who committed suicide as those who killed by the security forces shows a sinister plan that will be repelled with the vigilance of the Iranian people.   In response to a question about some people trying to inflame economic issues in addition to social issues in the inflamed atmosphere of the country in the past few days, he said: "We will not allow it. In the current situation, inflammation in different areas will lead to a situation to being abused by the enemy."   Satayshi further stated: "In this area, the officials provided effective services and programs under the guidance and management of the judicial organization. In the area of ​​the economic judicial complex, we announce that this month 21 people have been charged with disrupting the country s economic system through unlicensed transactions and a legal warrant has been issued for them.   He stated: 8 people out of these 21 people were released, and 13 other people who committed criminal acts at this point in time were arrested with a temporary arrest warrant and are in prison.   Satayshi stated: Also, 14 people have been arrested and charged in relation to the future currency this month. One person is free with the issuance of on bail, 10 others are free with acceptance of bail.   Setyaishi said: Regarding Sistan and Baluchistan province, 100 of those who we promised to have their cases processed and released soon, their freedom has been achieved.   He noted: "The people of Sistan and Baluchistan province demand to deal with the culprits and causes of the recent incidents. It is possible that one of the officers made a mistake and caused injury and damage, the judicial system defends the rights of all people, and people can complain so that their complaints are dealt with."   He said: "Some famous people seem to say things that upset the society. Some of these people were summoned and some did not come for explanations, when an order was issued to arrest them. Those who say unsubstantiated and false statements and do not have evidence to prove their claims will be dealt with judicially. We will deal with slander and lying seriously.   Satayshi emphasized that the judiciary will take lying seriously to ensure the psychological security of the society to prevent rumors. Everyone is free to express their opinion, but not breaking the norm and spreading fake news! This is not freedom of speech.   Emphasizing that the actions of the judiciary will be instructive, he stated: All the evidence and statements of witnesses and informants will be taken into consideration and finally the necessary decision will be made.