Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 22 Sep 2022 - 18:36 https://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/566385/iran-not-to-tolerate-changes-regional-borders -------------------------------------------------- Addressing Baku-Yerevan conflict: Title : Iran not to tolerate changes to regional borders -------------------------------------------------- Iran’s chief of staff called on Baku and Yerevan, in a recent address, to solve the disputes through dialogue stressing that Iran will not tolerate any changes to regional borders. Text : Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri made the remarks on Thursday in the military parade of Sacred Defense Week, saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran opposes any war and it would not keep silent in the face of it. General Bagheri also called on the southern countries of the Persian Gulf to be careful of the sedition of the Zionists. Saying that the presence of the Zionists disturbs the security of the region, he added that the Iranian Armed Forces, with intelligence and surveillance, are monitoring all movements of the Zionists. He went on to say, "If we feel a threat, we will respond to the elements of the Zionist regime and their supporters." The US and the Zionist regime threaten the security of the region, he said, adding that Iran is after a region without threats and full of friendship and cooperation in West Asia. According to General Bagheri, if the enemies make a miscalculation, the Iranian Armed Forces will give them a decisive and devastating response. Elsewhere in his remarks, Bagheri said that the Sacred Defense proved to everyone that Resistance is the only way to achieve a secure and dignified life.