Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 24 Jan 2022 - 18:09 http://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/535730/pmf-professionally-unique-force-in-fight-against-terrorism -------------------------------------------------- Title : PMF; professionally unique force in fight against terrorism -------------------------------------------------- The Chairman of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces(Hashd al Sha'abi) has said that the organization has become a unique force in the fight against terrorism. Text : Hashd Al-Sha abi (PMF) played a major role in reinforcing the Iraqi Army, which had initially suffered heavy setbacks in the face of Daesh gains. Iraq declared victory over Daesh in December 2017 after a three-year counter-terrorism military campaign, which also had the support of neighboring Iran. The terror outfit s remnants, however, keep staging sporadic attacks across Iraq, attempting to regroup and unleash a new eraof violence. On Monday, Falih Al-Fayyadh, Chairman of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, stated that after 2014, a new organization was created in Iraq as a result of the situation in the country, and that is thePopular Mobilization Forces(PMF). Al-Fayyadh added: "The current situation of the PMF is different from the initial situation and the time of their formation, and this organization is a unique force today and has gained a lot of experience in the fight against terrorism." The head of Iraqi popular mobilization organization noted that this organization supports the Iraqi people in difficult times and supports Iraq against any enemy. He also stressed that the country is different from whatwas used to be after the formation of PMF. The "popular mobilization" organization was established in 2014 after the terrorist outfit ISIL occupied some areas and cities of Iraq, according to the fatwa of "Ayatollah Sistani", the supreme authority of the Iraqi Shias, and in 2016 with the consent of the Iraqi parliament was controlled under the command of the Armed Forces Iraq The Iraqi army and popular mobilization forces have carried out several operations to clear various parts of the country from the occupation of terrorist outfits, and these operations continue.