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Lebanon clerics denounce sectarian conflicts

TNA - Beirut
Friday Platform in Lebanon addressed the situation of the Arab and Muslim world that is witnessing the changes and challenges, especially the people of defiance and the systems of resistance.
Lebanon clerics denounce sectarian conflicts

Scholars denounced the provocative and sectarian waves that divide the nation in favor of its enemies, and enlarging the distance from the Palestinian issue more and more, especially in light of continuing Israeli settlement and Judaization Policies.

Speakers also stressed that in light of all these serious situations, only the resistance form the hope and promise for every free Arab and Muslim, warning that even the Resistance is not safe from the enemy's conspiracy in the black rooms.

Arab and Muslim world is suffering instability

In this context, Sayyed Ali Fadlallah pointed to the Arab and Muslim world, which "suffers a spiral of instability and insecurity, despite the electoral scene in some countries where the revolutions took place, as in Egypt and Tunisia."

He denounced the bombings against the visitors of Imam Hussein (p), stressing that these generous bloods are worthy of all those who run the political reality in Iraq, to stay away from all the accounts of sectarianism and political aims on the expense of the stability and security of this country, after all what it suffered during the former regime and the U.S. occupation.

Regarding the Syrian issue, Fadallah called on the Arab League to follow up its role and work very hard to study the best ways to bring the parties together and resolve problems and take advantage of its position next to all parties, and not to put unrealistic solutions such as the international interference.

Up to Palestine, he wished to have a proposal to send Arab forces to Gaza to protected of the raids of Zionism, and to prevent the Judaization of Quds (Jerusalem), and to protect Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to stop settlements, and to protect the Palestinians in the heart of the West Bank who are under the risk of daily arrest and shelling.

As for Bahrain, who still lives suffering, he saw that it "the situation will continue as long as the government do not work on access to radical solutions," believing that the solution is by a serious dialogue with all the forces in Bahrain, far from the doctrinal and sectarian policies, or charging people to move within the agenda of “Foreign Affairs”.

About Yemen, Fadlallah, feared of exciting the people by sectarian and tribal strife, calling on all parties in this arena, "to work to bury the strife that is intended for this country”. 

Weapon of the resistance is the solution

The Chairman of the Legitimate Council of Hezbollah, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek pointed to the Western threats and breach of sovereignty and the use of tools of espionage, and incitement to grab power, stressing that the response remains to preserve the arms of the resistance next to the army and the people.

Yazbek addressed the situation in Syria, where he called for the establishment of reform and dialogue and understanding, to take it out of its crisis, refusing to put separating Arab troops in a preparation for internationalization.

Yazbek condemned the “persistent incitement that pay more for the sectarian strife, stressing that "reform is coming in, and the way out of the crisis is soon and it will be a shame on the conspirators against Syria and its leadership, people and army”.

He considered that the abolition of the joint manoeuvre between the U.S. and Israel, after all that noise and the threat, is an evidence that the will of the nation and its determination to protect the dignity and sovereignty are the strongest points of immunization to drop the bet of the enemy tyrants.

He also stressed that the assassination of nuclear scientists and the imposition of sanctions and request for compensation instead of Iranian oil, are an evidence that the will and dignity of the nation is stronger that the plot and warnings.

Sheikh Yazbek declared that "the force that protects the right to possess nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, is the same force that call for negotiation and understanding on correct and proper basis to ensure rights, because the time of slavery is gone." 

Return to God to face the sectarian strife

Vice-President of the Islamic Supreme Council believed that the origin of the Arab and Muslim difficult situation is because they are away of the teachings of religion and non-adherence to what God has commanded in the Qur'an so things have come to an end that does not inspire optimism.

He called to devote "our attitudes and our actions and our words in the service of God, then to work for the benefit of rights and play our correct role in society and the nation."

He stressed not to make our countries and societies a refuge and springboard for the calls of blasphemy and hatred terrorism, so the Arabs and Muslims will be able to stand against all the plots that want to broadcast sedition and creating a rift in the ranks of our people and inciting sectarian strife in order to enter our nation in a tunnel of conflict and bloody mazes that serve the Zionist enemy. 

In this context, the Secretary General of the “Islamic Unity Movement” Sheikh Bilal Saeed Shaaban pointed to the “inferred participants” and not the differences, through the knowledge of the world of delusion and seduction and the world of guidance.

He said that “the Islam project is to search for human and Islamic participants, adding that God created people with multi-thought and reason, but the case of foundation is that God is the one and only Lord.

Shaaban stressed on Muslims to maintain their unity in terms of "Stick with the rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves".

He added “you will find our Qibla and prayer are one and a lot of other participants exist among us, so all Muslims should be united”.

He distinguished between the preacher of unity and the preacher to differentiate.

“Who indicates the differences, push towards for separation, but who indicates the participants, pay towards unity and right guidance,” he said.

Lebanon is an exposed country

As for Sheikh Ahmed Kabalan, he saw that Lebanon is open at the security, social and political fronts before al-Qaeda and militants and foreign agents.

Because of this bleak picture, he called on all Lebanese, led by politicians, to break the cycle of conflicts and disputes and challenges and come to convergence rather than continuing the "game of dishonesty."

He stressed that who wants to build a nation in every sense of the word, "He has to rush to join a real dialogue and effective national participation”.

He also warned of the “creative chaos” project which broadcasts the civil wars and ethnic fights, and pay the countries of the region to collapse, in order that Israel remains the only powerful country and capable of implementing its plans and achieve its settlement and Judaization of Palestine."

In the Lebanese social part, Sheikh Afif al-Nabulsi considered that the economic situation is ranging from bad to worse, as the state is suffering of the crisis of disintegration and the crisis of public confidence, asking, "When will come the time for the eradication of corruption in the state? And when to raise the domination of the interests of people?!

On the other hand, he said that Lebanon is exposed, "as are many observers expect”.

He added: "If this state is the condition of the poor is unable to address some of the social files, how it will be able to face the repercussions of the approaching crisis”.
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