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Arab League turned into part of the U.S projects

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Iran is a powerful and any adventure against it will fai
Arab League turned into part of the U.S projects
The resolution of suspending the membership of Syria in the Arab League, formed the axis basis for this Friday preachers.

It is feared that this step serves as an introduction to internationalization, and thus targeting the line of impedance posed by Syria, along with the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

The President of the Legal Council of Hezbollah, Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek, considered that it is no longer a secret the identification between the external enemies and their followers at home, in targeting the resistance in all its dimensions as the project is based. 
He said "They realize that the strength of Lebanon was not possible without the triple sacred : army, people and the resistance."
He stressed that Israel's security remains the strategic goal for the West in the region and "they take out all of what can be a cause of disturbance, of resistance, Syria and Iran, which in their view constitute a future danger to the Israeli presence."

For his part, Imam of Al-Quds Mosque in Sidon, Sheikh Maher Hammoud criticized the Muslim Brotherhood, who exploit new legacies of political and military Turkey intervention against Syria. 

Sheikh Hammoud warned that such an invitation if it was respondes, will open countless prospects and most notably the U.S. blatant and criminal intervention, which of course is present of an active in Turkey, and that base (Incirlik) is just a sample of the U.S. presence in Turkey. 

The cleric pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria by their position affirmed the charge of dependency of the West, that plight them 60 years. 

Meanwhile Sayyed Ali Fadlallah, the grand Lebanese leader pointed to the Arab League move towards Syria, expressing fear that the  League formed a step gate to create a climate of internationalization, international hubs that need to be covered by Arab to enter the arena of Syria, and to embarrass those who opposed the intervention of the international sites in Syrian affairs. " 

He called the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic cooperation and the Arab and Islamic people, not to forget the Zionist danger and its plans at this stage. 

At the same time he criticized the attitude of the Arab League, concerning the "Israeli enemy", because it did not move against him, even in the most serious cases of aggression and massacres against Lebanon and Gaza, by waving its papers of threats and intimidation, etc., "as we are seeing now in its treatment"

On the other hand, Sheikh Suhaib Habli saw that the decision of the Arab League express the loyalty to the West and to the American-Zionist project. 

"No wonder of resolution, we have heard their positions and plotting against the resistance in Lebanon in 2006 and their silence in Gaza Strip.

He said he pointed out that these Arab rulers did not consider those who preceded them of American and Zionist agents from Saddam to bin Ali and from Hosni Mubarak to Muammar Ghaddaffi.

Deputy Chairman of Lebanese Higher Islamic Shiite Council, Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan considered that the Western world, especially America and Israel look to the east, with its wealth and blessings, and fighting for their interests and they want the oil and wealth, adding that the rulers and regimes and the Arab peoples should learn of what is going on, to be aware". 

He called the Syrians to the preserve their country and stay away from hate.

"The blood that is being shed in Syria is not in the interest of the people and the system but to the enemy's interest," adding that "Israel is preparing and threatening the Islamic Republic, which will remain steadfast against any aggression." He said
Kabalan warned of any adventure to hit Iran. "Iran is a powerful and any adventure against it will fail," he concluded.

Sheikh Afif Nabulsi stressed that the policies taken by the Arab League to suspend the membership of Syria, assure the critical role of the League, which collide with aspirations and plans of Arab unity of working together and maintaining regional security.
"The Arab League became a part of the arrogant projects." He said
He explained that this is all being done within the marketing of dangerous colonization which is intended to be applied in the region, by restoring the movement of sectarian and ethnic feuds to the fore against the Islamic power, which is working to restore the nation's identity and its role. 

Nabulsi sounded the alarm to be dragged to with the U.S project and warn the Muslim groups in particular of being a vehicle for external intervention in the Islamic and Arab Countries.
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