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Bahrain Forum for Human Rights In Lebanon

Absence of UN, Arab League and Media

TNA - Beirut
Absence of UN, Arab League and Media

Beirut - Taqrib News Agency (TNA) - By a red rose two young girls greet the visitors, a symbolic gesture that the movements of the Bahraini people is peaceful, into the conference room you will find the red color mixed with the blood of the martyrs, where several banners, that show the heinous crimes committed by the Bahraini regime against demonstrators of women, children and the elderly, call for freedom to the people of Bahrain.

The conference of "Human rights violations in Bahrain, legal and prosecution characterization" was opened in Coral Beach Hotel, sponsored by former Lebanese Prime Minister Salim Hoss, and organized by the "Bahrain Forum for Human Rights" and the presence of many of political figures, religious leaders and human rights activists from around the world (Germany, America, Bahrain, Iraq, Tunisia, Palestine, and Lebanon...).

Words of the participants agreed that the people of Bahrain cause, is under a media execution equivalent of the volume of crimes of genocide committed against the people of this country.

Tunisian Kawthar Beshrawi Presented to the conference , which confirmed that "we must apologize for the silence and betrayal to our brothers in truth and in life, and noted that the conference seeks to insist the popular uprising in Bahrain, "in order not to let the Bahraini people, alone as an orphan," calling for intensified efforts in supporting of this people.

The conference started with a screening of a documentary that monitor some of the crimes committed by the Bahraini regime against the people and reflects the cries muffled in Bahrain.
The documentary addressed the King of Bahrain who has spoken about the right of freedom expression, then showed a presentation of scenes that made the audience in a situation of shock and confused whether to greet or to cry in pain. The film asked: Is the suppression of the demonstrations, is the killing of innocent people, is breaking hospitals, is the demolition of houses of worship, is terrorizing children and women are not in violation of human rights?

President of the Forum Yusuf Rabih explained that the Forum means the legal issues in support of human rights and that it will cooperate with other human rights organizations in Bahrain and the Arab world and the world, considering what is being in Bahrain, a crime against the human race with all the sense of the word, emphasizing that detention camps exposure of sexual assault and sectarian terms. He concluded by saying: "We will not keep silent about the culprits who are roaming freely in Bahrain, while the world, the United Nations and the League of Arab States are silent."

The Secretary General of the Jurists Democrats Organization Thomas Schmitt, delivered the word of participating international organizations, he spoke about his organization public views in Bahrain, and expressed his "desire to work with human rights organizations for the people of Bahrain", and stressed on his opposition "to the military intervention that is contrary to human rights and freedoms" , alluding to the "courage of the people of Bahrain against the violence inflicted on them."

The Preparatory Committee of the Conference, lawyer and human rights activist Abdul Hamid Dashti criticized the double standards in dealing with the issue of human rights, pointing out the essential role of the petro-dollar countries, "Saudi Arabia" and its interference in Bahrain, as also contributed to the media blackout. He pointed to the abuses of burning Koran and the destruction of mosques, adding that "the last chapters of the government in the commission of crimes is relating to naturalization policy, in order to reduce the proportion of the indigenous population to below 40%", and wondered "does the people of Bahrain deserves a legal support to expose the crimes against him or no.?"

Also President of "The Bahrain Center for Human Rights," Dr. Nabeel Rajab emphasized the double standards of the international community, stressing that "the United States and the West supported Saudi Arabia to enter Bahrain to suppress the demands of the people, in the absence of any Media support".

He pointed to " the attempts by the United States and the Bahraini regime to split the opposition in the country," confirming that this "will not happen," and called on behalf of those who have been under all kinds of torture, to support the demands of the people of Bahrain to freedom and a dignified life.

Dr. Nabeel Rajab stressed that "Shiites in Bahrain are paying the price of the regional complexities, assuring that "the uprising is local and Iran did not intervene at all in its course".

The word of the Bahraini opposition MP was delivered by MP Sheikh Hassan Sultan who considered that the people of Bahrain want to build a free country, stressing that "torture and campaigns of repression, which affected all the freedoms and surpassed human rights, will not stop the Bahraini revolution". He warned of "the complicity of the U.S. administration and the absence of the Arab League and the United Nations and the silence of some Arab media".

Sheikh Hassan Sultan expressed his confidence in victory, which ill unify the people of Bahrain, Sunni and Shia into freedom and democratic rule".
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