Publish date5 Jul 2021 - 16:23
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US pullout from Bagram, humiliation after 20 years of presence in Afghanistan

France 24 in a recent report referred to the US and NATO pull out of forces from Bagram Air Base following 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan and said,” The US has invested much funds and lives on this war though it earned nothing but humiliation.
US pullout from Bagram, humiliation after 20 years of presence in Afghanistan
While Washington had announced the end of August for the final stage of pulling out its forces from Afghanistan, authorities confirmed on Saturday that a number of Taliban forces had been killed following fierce clashes with the government forces across different provinces in the country.
Washington’s statement came after evacuation of Bagram Air Base by the US and NATO forces, where the coalition forces led their operations against Taliban and Qaeda.
In fact the US is leaving Afghanistan after the longest war it has ever fouhgt, causing the death of thousands of NATO and US forces, imposing billions of dollars on Americans while Afghanistan is harassed with insecurity and instability more than any other time.
Although Taliban spokesman hailed the US pullout from Bagram as a good step and urged for withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country reasoning that Afghans could achieve  peace and security only after complete withdrawal of foreign troops.
Ashraf Afzal, professor assistant from Nottingham University said,” Bagram is the most strategic military base in Afghanistan.”

This base was built by former Soviet Union for the occupying forces in  Afghanistan; therefore, the pullout of coalition and US forces will count as a symbolic move and a very important military withdrawal.
He added,” A key issue at present is if Afghan forces have enough power to protect the military base.
Afzal noted,” In regards to capabilities, arms and forces, I believe Afghanistan is ready for that because the military base is difficult to attack due to its geographical position and nobody can easily or in ambush attack the base.Meanwhile resolution to defend the base is another issue. From the popular reports I assume that Afghan army will thaw in front of Taliban militants and I wonder if there is enough resolution to defend a military base which is not  intended to be used by them.”
Professor of Nottingham University referred to the sad tone the US President Joe Biden maintained when he announced the details for the US pull out from Afghanistan and said,” Biden and Trump had discovered, since long, that the war was a failure. They had invested a huge amount on this war, lost many lives and still gained nothing. Undoubtedly this war brought them much humiliation and no achievement.”
Bagram air base, in northern Kabul, had been occupied by the American and NATO forces since the beginning of US invasion on Afghanistan and was counted a part of American soil as a number of US authorities naming the presidents visited the base without any prior coordination with the Afghan government.
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