Publish date18 Nov 2011 - 14:43
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Bahraini Opposition

Arab League is controlled by Persian Gulf regimes

TNA - Beirut
Arab League is controlled by Persian Gulf regimes

Deputy Secretary-General of the "national reconciliation" in Bahrain Khalil Marzouk, expressed his extreme anger at the Arab League ignorance of the Bahraini people just demands, by refusing to receive a message from the Bahraini opposition, stressing that "the Free people of Bahrain and the rest of the world have all confidence that change is coming as inevitable, and that the will of God is the window in spite of all Arab and Western conspiracies.

He said in an interview to "FARIS", "we do not find any explanation for this situation and therefore ignoring the will of the Bahrainis to change does not harm the rebels and their struggle, but it harm those who are in charge of the Arab League, which did not live up even to the level of a human rights association, it sees things according to the agendas of who manage it, and do not stands at the same distance from all parties.

"The Arab League is controlled by Gulf regimes, it do not care for our request, as it is the case in Yemen, and at the same time it shed the light on the crisis in Syria." He added

Marzouk concluded: "since its inception, the Arab League did not exercise any role in support of the people, so our position has not changed towards it, and we do not expect of such regimes such as Qatar and its remnants in Egypt, Tunisia and others to truly listen to our demands."
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