Publish date3 Nov 2011 - 8:34
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Israeli" War Minister Ehud Barak

"Israel" will have to guard its interests on its own

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During previous Knesset Finance Committee meeting, Barak stated that the events of the past year in the Mideast have lead "to the conclusion that there can be situations in which the State of "Israel" will have to guard its interests on its own, without leaning necessarily on regional or other forces for help," alluding to a possible attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities.
"Israel" will have to guard its interests on its own

Barak who cited to the Committee the threats "Israel" will be facing, said that in 2012 "Israel" will be "at a critical crossroads"."Both the geopolitical and the economic situation, domestically and globally, are unique, the likes of which we've never seen," he added. "On one hand, Arab Spring, the upheaval in Arab countries, along with the changes that make it harder to predict the end of nations and regimes, have created new security challenges: Hamas in Gaza, Hizbullah in Lebanon, and Iran in the background, there are other threats as well. But there are difficult challenges and complicated uncertainties," Barak declared.

"Israeli" War Minister Ehud Barak threatened that "all options are on the table in terms of dealing with Iran."

Stressing that "Israel" should not fear what he called the Iranian threat," Barak said that "he and "Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have not already decided that "Israel" will conduct such a strike."

"It does not take a genius to understand that in "Israel" 2011 two people cannot decide to do something on their own," Barak said in an interview on "Army Radio".

Claiming that "one has to use diplomatic pressure and sanctions on Iran," Barak said that "there is great convergence between us and the Americans regarding the diagnosis and the characterization of the operation in Iran."

"I refuse to be intimidated, as if Iran could destroy "Israel"," Barak said claiming that""Israel" is the most powerful country, from Tripoli to Tehran. There is no reason to be afraid of anything."
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