Publish date28 Oct 2011 - 11:13
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Evolving capacities of the Palestinian resistance

Hamas possess sophisticated missiles

TNA - Beirut
"Israel" expressed its increasing fears of the anti-aircraft quality missiles in the possession of Hamas in Gaza Strip. The "Israel" enemy claimed that Hamas has succeeded in smuggling anti-aircraft rockets "shoulder-fired" which are relatively sophisticated, of Russian production from Libyan military stores.
Hamas possess sophisticated missiles

According to "Haaretz" newspaper, "Israeli" sources informed that the fall of the Qaddafi regime in Libya, provided an opportunity for Hamas by initiative of Iran, to for smuggling of varying quality and quantity. Where networks of smugglers took advantage of the chaos of Libya and entered the Libyan army warehouses and seized large quantities of arms, part of which is a relatively sophisticated weapon.

The "Israeli" newspaper quoted of "Israeli" sources, that security experts from Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards visited the Gaza Strip during recent months in order to supervise the rehabilitation and training of members of Hamas, also halting the production of missiles, and that these experts have entered into the Gaza Strip through the tunnels in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip.
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