Publish date22 Oct 2011 - 7:39
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"Israeli"- Palestinian negotiations

Strengthen Hamas after the exchange

TNA - Beirut
Strengthen Hamas after the exchange
"Israeli" Haaretz newspaper quoted from diplomatic sources in New York that the exchange of prisoners between "Israel" and Hamas hurt chances of resuming negotiations between "Israel" and the Palestinian Authority in the foreseeable future, despite the description of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon of the exchange as a positive step, the reactions of destinations in the United Nations showed the presence of another view say that the exchange agreement, blow the chances of negotiating between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the near future.

According to Haaretz, a Senior UN diplomat reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and "Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, undermined the efforts to renegotiate because their statments showed the extent and depth of the gap between the two sides, the source added that the exchange process has isolated the opportunity to resume negotiations because it showed the futility of Mahmoud Abbas's leadership and severely shaken its exclusive role to negotiate "Israel".

Diplomatic sourceses estimated that expectations are down, and no essential changes by the negotiations as a result of meetings between the parties at the level of the international Quartet, and that these meetings will explain in depth, the weakness of the Palestinian Authority and strengthen the presence of Hamas after the exchange.
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