Publish date19 Nov 2023 - 14:14
Story Code : 615189
Iranian cultural figure stresses:

“Israeli savage strikes prelude to its failure”

An Iranian cultural figure said the fierce attacks by Israeli forces, a prelude to the topple of the regime stressing the role of US in recent crimes by Tel Aviv regime forces.
“Israeli savage strikes prelude to its failure”
Mohsen Meschi, the deputy of Iran affairs at World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in his speech at the 71st meeting of experts held by Taqrib News Agency (TNA) highlighted the responsibility of the Arab and Islamic countries towards the Palestinians in Gaza and said the recent crimes by Israeli regime against the besieged Gaza Strip will remain a shame for the international legal organizations.
He said the first feature in the ongoing war between Israeli regime and the resistance fighters is the failure of the intelligence and security frame of the occupying Israel who used to provide services to the spying organizations across the globe.
Mohsen Meschi added,” The second point in this war is the fabrication campaign by the pro-Israel media publishing content on alleged abuse of the Israeli women and children by the resistance fighters, none of which have been proved while the entire world is aware of this fabrication.”
He said,” Some western countries have blamed the resistance as the side that began the war while they have forgotten that for the past 75 years the Zionists have occupied the Palestinian lands and deprived the Palestinians from all their rights” and added,” Basically the Israeli regime recognizes no right for other people according to their distorted books that defines all people as animals whose killing does not matter at all.”
The senior advisor at WFPIST condemned the Israeli regime for its intentional and pre-planned bombing of women, children and hospitals and said the final objective of the regime is forced displacement of the Gazans.
He said the western countries sending arms to Israeli regime during all years and their green light to the crimes committed by the regime have made them accomplice in the bloodshed of the Palestinians in Gaza.
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