Publish date1 Oct 2023 - 0:06
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“Diversity, a wealth to be spent on unity”, Turkish professor

A professor of Mardin Artuklu University in Turkey, has hailed the diversity within the world of Islam a wealth that should be valued by Muslims.
“Diversity, a wealth to be spent on unity”, Turkish professor
Turkish professor Omer Bozkurd, speaking at the 13th webinar of the 37th Islamic Unity Conference called diversity a reason for existence and said the difference among Muslims should be hailed as an asset, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” Our differences are our wealth and form the cornerstone of our existence. But from the past to the present, humans have used these differences not in terms of wealth, but more in the direction of separation” and added,” These differences will not necessarily lead to Takfir (excommunication) and terrorism.”
“We should act in such a way that we consider our differences as wealth and spend our wealth on unity” he said and added that safeguarding unity among Muslims would be a contribution to peace in the world of Islam and the entire world.
Turkish thinker said Muslim scholars have not rejected the extremist ideas, but there were people who become radical which was not good for anyone.”
He warned of movements that disperse the different groups of people since division would lead to emergence and growth of terrorism.
professor Omer Bozkurd called on Muslims to preserve the integration in the Islamic nation.
He referred to monotheism as the word based on which the solidarity among Muslims can be preserved.
Turkish professor Omer Bozkurd expressed his views in an address to participants in the 13th webinar of the 37th Islamic Unity Conference held on Saturday.
Held by Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Muslim scholars and religious figures from across the globe exchanged views on the issues challenging the world of Islam in the 37th Islamic Unity Conference (IUC). Participants also discussed the theme of this meeting “Islamic Cooperation to Achieve Common Values.” The event is the climax of the Islamic Unity Week that marks the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
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