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Indian scholar: Enemies of Islam have never been tolerating good reputation, expansion of Islam

Indian scholar Dr. Ashraf Osmani Ghasemi in his speech at International Unity Conference says enemies of Islam have never tolerated the good reputation and expansion of Islam.
Indian scholar: Enemies of Islam have never been tolerating good reputation, expansion of Islam
  In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Praise be to God Almighty and greetings be to God’s Messenger, who is generous.
As the whole universe knows and it is a global fact, Islam is a religion, which is harbinger of security. Insecurity governed the world prior to emergence of Islam and it was eliminated after advent of Islam. Islam’s gift was the message of safety, fraternity and morals. Islam has brough the message of communion and passion. Islam says when your neighbor is hungry, it will not be right for you to eat food. You cannot beat somebody without any justifiable reason. Murder of an innocent person is equal to ruining Kaaba and God’s House. Such a big message and the importance of security can be brought by Islam only. However, unfortunately, enemy powers and world arrogance have put on their agenda and provoke Islamophobia to tarnish image of Islam. We Muslims have the duty to struggle against such a plot.
Evidently, enemies of Islam have never been tolerating good reputation and expansion of Islam. They want to tarnish image of Islam and spare no efforts in this connection. We have the duty to inform all of the safety message of Islam. Islam has always been progressing through morals and passion. Islam has expanded by morals and loves and passion to others and not by sword. Today, we are in need of the same performance and the same unity and passion. As long as we do not observe rights of our neighbor and do not attach importance and be kind to our brother and as long as we do not meet rights of our brothers, the colonialist powers and enemies of Islam will harm Islam and tarnish its image.
It is clear that our arms to fight enemy plots is superior and that’s ethics and Islamic junctions. No matter from which clan, those following the path of terrorism do something against Islamic even. Terrorism and Islam are two separate things. Where Islam is present, there is neither fear and horror nor terror and intimidation. And where Islam is not present, there are both fear and terrorism and hatred. Islam is not the religion of enmity and hostility. Islam is the religion of principles. Principles and Islam are complementary to each other. Where there is security, there Islam exists.
Once they observed that Islam is progressing in the world with amazing speed, enemies of Islam did not have any option to prevent progress of Islam. The worshipping houses of other religions were captured and sold and in western countries, a large number of people converted to Islam every day. To prevent spread of Islam, these people had no other option but ruining image of Islam. Due to the same reason, they resorted to Islamophobia, as we fight the phenomenon today. Fortunately, I follow Deoband school of thought and declare with honor that in 2008, it was Deoband seminary to initially issue religious decree against terrorism. It announced that terrorism, under any guise and coverage, is forbidden and it has nothing to do with Islam. This religious decree was influential and today, all see that the religious decree is influential. The west fails to do anything in the face of such a religious decree. Westerners in turn have started to remove Islamophobia.
Minute 4:58
Therefore, all of us should move while being united. As long as we are in discord, they will make Islam disrepute. The more the ground is paved for unity in Islam, fraternity and brotherhood, the more the enemy’s plots will be defeated, so our success will be guaranteed and the chance of Islam’s progress and reputation will double.
And finally, let me thank the officials in charge of organizing this 37th Islamic Unity Conference. I sincerely consider myself indebted to them for their efforts to forge unity among Muslims and their joining each other to guarantee progress and prosperity of Muslims. This is really worth appreciation and congratulation. We both congratulate and thank them for this.
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