Publish date29 Sep 2023 - 13:05
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Turkish thinker: Islam is major medication for global terrorism

Turkish thinker Dr. Ahmet Inan said Islam is a major medication for global terrorism because “Islam” is a word meaning establishment of peace.
Turkish thinker: Islam is major medication for global terrorism
 First of all, I would like to thank organizers of this session. In fact, unity among Muslims is a very import issue. In another words, unity among Muslims is more necessary than unity among human beings. This is very important because one can speak about a global terrorism, which threatens the world. Undoubtedly, Islam is major medication for global terrorism because “Islam” is a word meaning establishment of peace. Peace is what humanity is in need of. That holds true not only for Muslims but for all the work mankind. So, in order to offer a civilization to the world, we Muslims should forge unity among ourselves. The unity is very important. Pay attention: I say we should be united I do not say we should be one because If saying we should be one, we deny certain things. I mean we will deprive ourselves of the opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures. Unity is something else. Being one means something and getting united is something else. We mean unity. Being one is not compulsory because we are not able to get out of our different forms and establish a society. We can preserve our differences and forge unity. Today, Muslims are in need of unity. In fact, 50 Muslim governments, that are in difficult condition, should first of all get united with a single law. The late Jamaluddin Afghani, who is known as Jamaluddin Afghani in Turkey and you call him Jamaluddin Assadabadi, predicted unity of Muslims. His thoughts still persist. That’s why we have gathered here. Our main goal is to make efforts for unity of Muslims. My personal opinion is that we must observe the “musts” of Muslims’ unity.” What are the Musts?
We should get around our lofty values. What are our lofty values? They should be identified and stabilized.
The more we succeed in minimizing our strong values, the more united we will become and our unity will expand.
Today, a group of Muslims lay their value-based judgements and accept them as rule of Quran. They accept absolutes of Islam. Yet certain other group do not  accept them to be absolute and differences stem from that. So, Muslims should minimize their strong values.
A verse in  Surah Al-Imaran in Holy Quran says, “He is the One Who has revealed to you ˹O Prophet˺ the Book, of which some verses are precise—they are the foundation of the Book—while others are elusive.”
`Motashabeh’ or elusive: Here, we do not have sufficient time to discuss about whole the verse. But what I am going to speak is the absolute and elusive verses  in Quran. Lofty values should be determined and the majority should have the same opinion in considering Quran as source of reference. In another word, if Quran is put atop of the center and loft values of Quran is put atop, problem will be solved. The less our values are humiliated, the stronger our unity will be. At the end, I should say that today, the major preacher of unity in the world, i.e., the major caller of unity in the world, is Ayatollah Khamenei, that we pray God Almighty for his long life. Ayatollah Khamenei (May God be pleased with him) uses the phrase “English Shiism” frequently. That means that anybody believing in wrong Shiism beliefs is called English Shiite. If he has provided a definition of British Shiism, Which he has done and I have personally observed it in one of his books, we, as Sunnis, should also coin “American Sunni” and “British Sunni” expression. Just through this way, we will get united. Therefore, what Ayatollah Khamenei did here is very significant. Hence, if through the definition of English Shiism, false dimensions of Shiism are discarded, we should also remove the Sunnis, who are controlled by the US, Britain and Israel. On this occasion, I thank all friends, who organized this congress. I thank again.
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