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Iranian cleric: Unity key to progress, advancement, promotion and perfection in all fields

Iranian cleric Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini Khorasani has noted unity, is the key to progress, advancement, promotion, and perfection in all fields, which contrasts separation, conflict, and disharmony, which are interpreted as difference.
Iranian cleric: Unity key to progress, advancement, promotion and perfection in all fields
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Based on holy Quran, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) traditions, maxims of noble personalities since old Greece and also based on historical evidence, congregation, friendship and convergence, i.e., unity, is the key to progress, advancement, promotion and perfection in all fields, which contrasts separation, conflict and disharmony, which are interpreted as difference. Unity has always been the key to dignity, progress and success of nations with any tradition, religion, and race, anytime and anywhere. The root cause of all the backwardness, weakness, calamity and humiliation is humiliation of nations, and disintegration of governments. There has been frequent reference to the above-mentioned concepts in holy Quran, traditions of infallible households of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in works or speeches of scholars and renowned historical personalities. In the said sources, there has been mention of `Jamaaat’ (Congregation) versus `Ferqat’ (Dispersion). There is a famous maxim in favor of `Congregation,’ “You must adhere to the greatest strength for Allah's Hand [i.e., divine aid] is with the congregation.” In contrast, there is something which cautions against dispersion: “ایاکم و التفرق (Beware of separation).” Let me be clear. In modern speech, difference is mentioned in contrast to unity. First of all, I should say that to the best of my knowledge, there is no reference in books, traditions and history to unity to be in contrast to difference and discord. Of course, `Ferqat’ (separation) has been synonymous to difference and discord. `Tafaroq’ (Dispersion) has been synonymous to partition, tearing apart and separation.
Divergence is a concept which has something to do with the social and managerial disciplines; however, difference is a topic of concern in ideological and cultural domains. I am going to refer to some verses and traditions in this concern. For instance, verse 105 of Surah Al-Iran says, “Do not be like those who fell into factions and differed among themselves after clear signs had come to them. A mighty chastisement awaits them.” Verse 159 of Surah Anam reads, “Surely you have nothing to do with those who have made divisions in their religion and become factions.” Verse 46 of Surah Anfal reads, “And do not quarrel with one another lest you should lose courage and your power depart.” The verses point to dispersion, violence, separation and conflict, which cause bankruptcy. In contrast, we have the concept of unity. Verse 103 of Surah Al Imran reads, “Hold fast together to the cable of Allah.” This verse calls for unity of Islamic Ummah. Unity does not mean that we should not be separated as the verse 103 of Surah Al Imran says, “... and be not divided.” Imam Ali (AS) has in one of his longest sermons in the book Nahj al-Balagha (Peak of Eloquence) says that root cause of all goodness, virtues, progress and dignities is society, passion, convergence, solidarity and being together, while the root cause of all humiliations and failures is dispersion, conflict and divergence. Therefore, Islamic Ummah needs to regain its majesty and get rid of the humiliation against the blasphemous tyrant governments. They should once again stretch hands of brotherhood and kindness and turn to congregation and passion, avoiding dispersion and humiliation. As you know, today, illegitimate and illegal regime of Israel, i.e., Zionist Regime is a serious threat to Islamic Ummah. The regime basically tries to divide Islamic Ummah, Islamic states and countries, Islamic communities and Islamic schools of thought and sects, pitting them against each other so as to attain its satanic and sinister objectives. It is quoted that Alexander had asked one of the rulers, may be Aristotle, to offer a breakthrough to overcome his enemy. He replied, “The solution is to divide your opponent as much as you can, while being yourself united and in communion.” Hence, unity is among necessities of Islamic Ummah today to regain Islamic and global majesty and avoid dispersion. That’s a duty for anybody who cares for Islam and Islamic Ummah, while avoiding anything that is source of difference. Hope that Islamic Ummah will achieve necessary global and international unity and succeed in establishing new Islamic civilization worldwide as is expected. God willing.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you all.
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