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On 37th International Islamic Unity Conference;

“Hajj thwarts the propaganda of enemies”, Iranian activist

Cultural activist of Kermanshah stressed that Hajj is an issue which can create the highest level of social interactions among Muslims.
“Hajj thwarts the propaganda of enemies”, Iranian activist
“Shiva Yousefi”, cultural activist of Kermanshah, Iran, in her speech at the webinar of 37th International Islamic Unity Conference, noted that Islamic awakening and cooperation among Muslim countries should be associated with an understanding of religious identity, reported Taghrib News Agency (TNA).

“This religious identity reveals itself in the Hajj pilgrimage which is a collective and global tradition not limited within the boundaries of a specific geographical region or district. Hajj is an issue which can create the highest level of social interactions among Muslims”, she said.

She noted that one of the major outcomes of Hajj is the exchange of information and added: “Iran and Saudi Arabia can cooperate with each other over the exchange of information among Islamic countries during the Hajj pilgrimage.”
“Hajj pilgrimage can provide a framework for settling the disputes among Islamic countries, including Iran and Saudi Arabia. Of course, all of us are aware of this fact that relationship between these two major Islamic countries, i.e., Iran and Saudi Arabia, has been full of tensions during recent years”, Iranian activist continued.
“Iran and Saudi Arabia are required to cooperate peacefully for the proper observation of the Hajj rituals. The Saudis, too, should reach to this profound understanding that Mecca and Medina, despite being located in the geographical boundary of Saudi Arabia, belong to the whole Muslims and the Islamic world”, she said.
Yousefi mentioned that Hajj is a ritual and a platform that is peculiar to Muslims and followers of other religions are deprived of it and added: “emphasizing on Islamic commonalities can contribute to the enhancement and strengthening of unity among Muslims and Hajj pilgrimage is an important forum for exchanging viewpoints among Muslims and sharing their information with each other.”
“Hajj can also contribute to the enhancement of international cooperation and the reduction of regional confrontations. It can further strengthen the modern Islamic civilization throughout the globe”, she stated.
“Unfortunately, we are nowadays witnessing that economies and markets of Islamic states is controlled by aliens and foreign countries. In other words, foreign traders and producers take the greatest advantage of the benefits of the extensive markets and economies in the Islamic world”, cultural activist said.
Shiva Yousefi reiterated that Islamic states can also endeavor to establish proper Islamic economic unions and joint Islamic market and continued: “expansion of economic cooperation among Islamic countries, especially between Iran and Saudi Arabia, can contribute a lot to the unity and integrity of Islamic Ummah.”
“Another important characteristic of the Hajj pilgrimage is its importance in thwarting the plots of our enemies. Unfortunately, some of the followers of these two major Islamic denominations have, due to their ignorance or bias, gone astray and are unknowingly supporting the cause of the enemies of Islam”, she said.
“Differences among the followers of various Islamic denominations are not so deep to prevent them from adopting proper approaches to get further united with each other. All Muslims worship one God and believe in Him only. This monotheism and their belief in the almighty God can be a proper context for approximating the hearts of Muslims towards each other”, Yousefi noted.
She pointed out that Hajj congregation can play a more important role in thwarting the plots of our enemies and said: “we should beware of the plots of our enemies and their propaganda machine. we should not be deceived by these enemies and their propaganda.”
“Nowadays, even the global arrogance has realized that the Hajj pilgrimage, if utilized appropriately by Muslims, can introduce fundamental changes in global and international relations. Hajj can create unity among all people”, she added.
“Another major characteristic of Hajj is the fact that it showcases a social life far from any social classifications. Pilgrims from all around the world gather in the holiest Islamic sites and express their obedience to the almighty God”, Yousefi highlighted.
“As a result, Hajj can establish the knowledge and art of regulating relations and resolving disputes in the international arena in a peaceful way. The politicians of the Islamic world should know that peace and tranquility is one of the first and fundamental human needs in their country”, she concluded.
World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought holds the annual Islamic Unity Conference at the week concurrent with the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Muslim scholars, thinkers as well as religious and political figures from across the globe discuss the latest issues in the world of Islam at the different sections of the meeting.
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