Publish date29 Sep 2023 - 12:49
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Iranian scholar calls for Qur’anic principles of unity

An Iranian expert on religious studies has highlighted the Qur’anic pillars towards materializing a united Islamic nation amid the critical situation across the world of Islam.
Iranian scholar calls for Qur’anic principles of unity
Dr. Mahmoud Veisi, professor at University of Islamic Denominations in Iran addressed the seventh webinar of the 37th Islamic Unity Conference and counted tolerance and affection as pillars named in the holy book of Islam to materialize a united Islamic ummah, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
“Difference should not be condemned in nature” he said and argued that the differences should be defined in two aspects: difference as diversity and difference as contrast where one can create perfection and the other leads to hostility.
He stressed the role of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in managing differences among his companions and said,” His management was so perfect that changed the differences which could be hostile to differences towards perfection.”
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) tried to change differences as the bridge for unity and solidarity among Islamic Ummah.
Iranian thinker said,” Tolerance, affection and loving each other are main principles the holy Quran refers to as pillars for having a united society.”
Professor Veisi also underlined mutual understanding as another principle that should be achieved in a united Islamic nation.
Iranian elite made the comments in an address to the experts and intellectuals attending the seventh webinar of the 37th Islamic Unity Conference.
Held by Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Muslim scholars and religious figures from across the globe exchanged views on the issues challenging the world of Islam in the 37th Islamic Unity Conference (IUC). Participants also discussed the theme of this meeting “Islamic Cooperation to Achieve Common Values.” The event is the climax of the Islamic Unity Week that marks the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
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