Publish date25 Sep 2023 - 17:34
Story Code : 608136

Thousands march against racism, police violence in France

Thousands of demonstrators take to the streets Saturday across France to denounce police violence, systemic racism and support for public freedoms, reports Anadolu Agency.
Thousands march against racism, police violence in France
The appeal to protest was launched by dozens of collectives, associations, trade unions and political organisations, to encourage the French to participate in a united march.
Collectives of families marched behind the banner of “national coordination against police violence.”
The risk of fighting is feared in Nice, where an anti-drug rally near a unitary march is organised by the ultra-right, according to a territorial intelligence note.
More than 1,000 police officers and gendarmes are mobilised in Paris, according to the police prefect.
The Interior minister ordered authorities to “be extremely vigilant.”
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