Publish date4 Jun 2023 - 16:06
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Hamas condemns Israel’s ongoing violations against Palestinian children

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has condemned Israeli regime over constant violation of the Palestinian children.
Hamas  condemns Israel’s ongoing violations against Palestinian children
The Hamas Movement has affirmed that the Israeli occupation state’s terrorism and violations against Palestinian children are still ongoing, calling on the international community to protect them.
In a statement on the occasion of the “International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression” on Sunday, Hamas said that the occupation state deprives sick children from receiving treatment, medicine and their food needs through its criminal siege on Gaza, and persists in its aggression against the children of the West Bank and Jerusalem through kidnaping and jailing them, killing them, placing them under house arrest and using them as human shields. The Movement highlighted the suffering of over 166 Palestinian children in Israeli jails, including six in administrative detention, accusing the Israeli occupation authority of using the worst types of psychological and physical torture against them. “This day comes again to remind the world of the continued human suffering, persecution and violations that the children of Palestine are exposed to as a result of the occupation state’s endless and growing aggression,” the Movement said, pointing out that more than 28 children had been martyred since the beginning of the current year. It underlined that the international community’s silence and passivity towards Israel’s violations against Palestinian children and its use of double standards when dealing with Israeli practices give Israeli leaders and their government the green light to practice more terrorism against children. It urged the international community and human rights groups to shoulder their responsibilities towards the innocent children of Palestine and to move to save them from the growing Israeli oppression and terrorism. It also called for international action to have the detained children released from Israeli jails and enable the Palestinian children to live with dignity and obtain their natural rights like other children of the world. The International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression is a UN observance held on June 4 every year. It was established on August 19, 1982. This day affirms the UN’s commitment to protecting the rights of children.
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