>> Geneva cancels Palestinian exhibition displaying prisoners suffering | Taghribnews (TNA)
Publish date31 May 2023 - 21:33
Story Code : 595281

Geneva cancels Palestinian exhibition displaying prisoners' suffering

The city of Geneva has decided to ban a Palestinian exhibition that highlights the suffering of Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli jails, Israeli media reported yesterday.
Geneva cancels Palestinian exhibition displaying prisoners
Secours Rouge Geneva, in collaboration with Samidoun Geneva, prepared for the exhibition, which should have lasted from 25-27 May.
"Less than 48 hours before the opening of the exhibition, we were contacted by the person responsible for the exhibition venue – the Almacén, who told us that the City of Geneva, owner of the building, had prohibited the holding of our exhibition," Samidoun said.
It added: "The City of Geneva claimed a lack of information concerning our project, information which was, in reality, all public."
Samidoun stressed: "This is nothing surprising coming from the bourgeois parliamentary left, which always reveals the extent of its contradictions and even its hypocrisy."
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