Publish date28 May 2023 - 19:40
Story Code : 594902

Hamas: 'Barbaric settler attacks will not scare Palestinians'

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas declared on Friday: "Barbaric attacks of Israeli Jewish settlers will not scare Palestinians."
He also condemned the Israeli settler aggression, protected by the Israeli occupation army, against the Palestinians in the villages of Al-Mugheir, east of Ramallah, and Turmus Ayya in the north of Ramallah.
"Such attacks will not break the will of the Palestinians, who have been and will remain unbreakable. Palestinians will continue facing off the settlers and their aggression," Hanini asserted.
This came only one day following the settler attacks on the village of Burqa in the west of the city of Nablus.
On Friday evening, extremist Israeli settlers burnt Palestinian vehicles and crops in Al-Mugheir and Turmus Ayya.
It is worth noting that the village of Al-Mugheir has been under strict Israeli closure for 15 days in a row.
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