Publish date13 Mar 2023 - 11:32
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Islamic center condemns UK over interference in Iran’s domestic issues

The Islamic center and a number of scholars from Iran’s northern province of Golestan have issued a statement to condemn the UK as it announced sanction against the major Islamic morality headquarter in the Islamic Republic.
Islamic center condemns UK over interference in Iran’s domestic issues
A number of Friday prayer leaders and Sunni seminary professors denounced the UK government for imposing sanction against Iran’s Headquarter for Enjoining Right and Forbidding Evil, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Iranian scholars in their statement slammed the UK for its long history of violating the human rights, its colonial policy over different countries across the globe and denying the rights of people in its colonies.
“Sparking division, breaking out war across the globe, plotting coups in different countries, dominating the financial resources of states are among the obvious instances of violating human rights by the UK government”, read part of the statement.
The Iranian professors and scholars stressed, in their statement, that the headquarter for Enjoining Right and Forbidding Evil is clearly moving in line with the human rights and establishment of an ideal community for spiritual and material growth of the people.
The statement continued,” Nothing more is expected from the UK government since its invalid view on human rights is merely in accordance with the interests of the US and Europe.”
The statement stressed that the claims and interference of the UK government will bring no obstacle to the promotions and enlightened path of Islamic Revolution.
They vowed that Muslims will particularly pursue their mission for enjoining right and forbidding evil as part of efforts to materialize the new Islamic civilization.
The statement by Iranian clerics and Friday prayer leaders in Golestan province was issued following the UK new sanctions slapped against the Headquarters for Enjoining Right and Forbidding Evil and its head official Mohammad Saleh Hashemi Golpaygani over alleged violation of women’s rights during Iran riots.
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