Publish date8 Feb 2023 - 11:21
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In meeting with Air Force staff:

Leader calls rallies marking Islamic Revolution as “display of honor, national unity”

Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, met with commanders and members of Iran’s Armed Forces on Wednesday to mark National Air Forces Day in the country calling the upcoming rallies to mark the 44th anniversary of Islamic Revolution as manifestation of honor and national unity among Iranian nation.
Leader calls rallies marking Islamic Revolution as “display of honor, national unity”
Supreme Leader admitted the commanders and staff of the Air Force concurrent with the anniversary of the historical meeting between the late founder of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini (RA) and commanders of the Air Force back in 1978, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Supreme Leader called on the Iranian nation from all walks of life to set the great rallies on February 11th as a manifestation of national solidarity and send a clear message to the enemies that all their efforts in line with undermining national unity are foiled and that they cannot disintegrate the nation, divide the nation from the system or provoke the different popular groups to stand against each other.
The Leader condemned the enemies for bringing up various issues naming issues of women, Shia-Sunni disagreements or generation gap only to spark discord in Iran.
Supreme Leader warned,” Enemies aim to bring the Islamic Revolution and Islamic Republic to their knees though they claim the opposite” and continued,” There are different reasons for these hostile efforts; one is that the Islamic Republic has liberated the strategic, wealthy and resourceful region from the grab of enemies, the other reason is that Islamic Republic has let out a cry of independence.”
Ayatollah Khamenei counted sowing discord and distrust as the strategies for bringing the Islamic Republic to its knees and said,” There are disagreements but they should not turn into a gap.”
According to the Leader a “dynamic” revolution should be able to protect itself and constantly move towards improvement both in material and spiritual aspects.
Supreme Leader lauded various advancements made by all organizations besides the army and called that an advancement made by the Islamic Revolution.
“Today, a key necessity for us is national solidarity” said Ayatollah Khamenei and added,” National solidarity acts like a secure dam against the enemies, the same power that played a great role in victory and then advancement of the Islamic Revolution.”
Leader of Islamic Republic in this meeting called the February 7th, meeting of the Armed Forces with late Imam Khomeini (RA) as a prelude for victory of the Islamic Revolution.
The Leader said,” This was a constructive prelude to victory of the movement and practical establishment of the Islamic Revolution.”
Ayatollah Khamenei added,” This was not merely the salutation of a group of young Air Force officers to the leader of the uprisings but a movement which left its effect on the victory of the Islamic Revolution.”
The Leader hailed the officers of the Air Force for their “bold” movement to meet late Imam Khomeini back on February 8, 1978 showing that the army is a “tight fist” in the face of the aggressors and said,” The aggressors of that day were the US and Pahlavi regime though other aggressors emerged throughout these years against which the armed forces resolutely stood.”
Supreme Leader said,” Before the Islamic Revolution, the army was an extravagant body that could resisted against occupation of Iran during the World War II for only few hours.”
The Leader added,” At present the army is manufacturing the jet fighter spare parts it used to buy at high price from the United States. Iranian nation is proud and satisfied by the army conducts because this army is constructive and innovative.”
February 7th dubbed as National Air Forces Day in Iran marks the day when members of the then-Imperial Air Force (IIAF) saluted Imam Khomeini (RA) at his residence in Alavi School and voiced allegiance with the leader of the Islamic Revolution.
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