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Iran: Ukraine must not sacrifice interests to expansionist policy of US, NATO

In the weekly press conference, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while expressing his sympathy with the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, announced the readiness of Iran's relief, medical and health institutions to help them.
Iran: Ukraine must not sacrifice interests to expansionist policy of US, NATO
 He added: "The discourse of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a dominant discourse in the region and surrounding geography."
The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in the weekly press conference about the legal follow-up of South Korea's debts to Iran: "Iran is seriously following up on the financial claims in South Korean banks and will follow up until the collection of all national assets".
Kanaani stated that unfortunately the Korean government has not shown the necessary will to solve the problem. "We are trying to use these resources for some of Iran's needs. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is making a decision about the complaint and will take the necessary steps".
He further added: "We demanded a convincing explanation from South Korea about the remarks of the president of this country against Iran, but their explanation was not convincing. If we do not receive a clear and convincing answer, we will consider this as an official matter of the Korean government, which may have further negative effects on bilateral relations".
The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said regarding the accident at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran that this incident was a personal act and the police and judicial forces are investigating its dimensions more closely.
He added: "The Islamic Republic of Iran believes in the necessity of self-restraint and avoiding haste and judgment. We will continue the matter and we hope that the relations between the two friendly countries will not be affected more after this tragic incident".
President's visit to China
In response to a question about the Iranian President's visit to China, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "The visit of the Iranian President to China is one of the programs that are being planned based on the joint agreement of the two countries, and God willing, it will be done at the right time".
Shamkhani's trip to Russia
Regarding the meeting last week in Moscow about Syria, Kanaani emphasized that bilateral and multilateral consultations about Syria are ongoing and a joint meeting with Russian government officials was held in Moscow.
He then said about the trip of "Ali Shamkhani", the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council to Moscow to participate in a meeting regarding Afghanistan, that this trip is about to take place and it will take place within the framework of the meeting of the secretaries of the National Security Council of Afghanistan's neighboring countries.
Kanaani noted that the secretary of the National Security Council has talked with his counterparts and Russian officials about topics of interest on the sidelines of the meeting.
The possibility of Grossi's trip to Iran
The official further stated: "Iran and the IAEA are in continuous communication. With the completion of the preparation process, it is possible for Director-General Rafael Grossi to visit Iran in the future. Its technical grounding should be done. In the technical framework, the talks will continue".
With Iran's strong defensive measures, attack in Isfahan failed
In response to a question about the failed attack on one of the Ministry of Defense's workshop complexes in Isfahan province, Kanaani said: "The failed attack in Isfahan was a malicious act carried out by Iran's enemies, which was a failed attack with Iran's strong defense measures".
He noted that this attack shows the ability of the nation and the country to progress more and more in the fields of defense and industry, and such actions will not affect the determination of the nation and the country of Iran to progress in various fields.
The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said about Western military aid to Ukraine and Iran's claim of arms aid to Russia that this shows hypocrisy and double standards on international issues and Ukraine. "If these numbers were spent on peace building in Ukraine, we would not have seen this amount of destruction and human casualties."
He made the remarks that Iran's policy is not to support war and one side against another. "We hope that the authorities of Ukraine, looking at the root of the crisis, will not sacrifice their interests and the nation's interests to the expansionist policy of US and NATO by adopting the correct political approach."
Pointing to the fact that Tehran does not have a particular problem in holding a new round of technical and expert talks with Ukraine regarding the claims raised, Kanaani said: "We can hold the new round of these talks."
In response to the question, has the exact time of holding the new round of these negotiations been determined or not? He said: "As far as I know, the exact schedule for holding the second round of talks has not been done yet."
The spokesman of Iran's Foreign Ministry further said about today's deadly earthquake in Syria and Turkey: "I offer my condolences to the people of Turkey and Syria and express Iran's deep sympathy. I pray for God's mercy for the souls of the departed. I hope God will grant the injured a speedy recovery".

Kanaani stressed: "With the good relationship that is established with the authorities of the two countries, in case of need, Iran's relief, medical or health organizations will definitely act on their moral, human and Islamic responsibility and duty within the framework of the right of neighborliness and friendly relations."
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