Publish date5 Dec 2022 - 13:18
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Iran’s nuclear chief hails achievements in face of western sanctions

Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) has lauded the country’s self-sufficiency in nuclear field which has neutralized sanctions imposed by western states.
Iran’s nuclear chief hails achievements in face of western sanctions
About 210 nuclear medicine centers currently use the radiopharmaceuticals produced by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, and about one million people in the country benefit from these services every year, he said on Sunday
Rendering quality services to people is considered as the most important achievement of the nuclear industry of the country, he added.

To deal with cancer disease, the healthcare and medical treatment sector needs products of the Organization both in the diagnostic and therapeutic fields, Eslami emphasized.

Eslami also expounded on the achievements of AEOI in the healthcare and treatment sector, saying that giant steps have been taken in the previous years in a way that AEOI unveiled three new radiopharmaceuticals in the past three years.

About 210 nuclear medical centers in the country are using products of the AEOI, he noted.

The country would have depended on foreign countries in the field of pharmaceuticals if it was not able to produce fuel for the Tehran reactor and in absence of the nuclear industry, he underlined.

Contrary to the Western countries' claims about human rights, requirements of the health sector are the most important part of the human rights that have been sanctioned by them, Eslami criticized.
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