Publish date5 Dec 2022 - 12:36
Story Code : 575816

Turkey targets Kurdish refugee camp in northern Iraq

Kurdish refugee camp near Iraq’s northern province of Erbil has come under Turkish drone attack, Iraqi media confirmed announcing no casualties.
Turkey targets Kurdish refugee camp in northern Iraq
"The strike was delivered with the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle targeted to the camp," the Sahaq News Iraqi portal quoted a source.

No casualties or damages were reported, according to TASS.

Ankara claims that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is using this camp as a training base for its units branded as terrorists in Turkey.

Turkey staged an air operation in northern Iraq and Syria in the early hours of November 20. More than 50 warplanes and 20 drones were involved in the operation.

The Turkish defense ministry described it as successful. This cross-border operation was a response to the November 13 terror attack in Istanbul, which left six people dead and more than 80 injured. The Turkish authorities placed the blame for the incident on the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and Syrian Kurds.
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