Publish date5 Dec 2022 - 16:08
Story Code : 575814

Iran, Tajikistan seeking $500m trade ties

Iran's Energy Minister has said that Iran and Tajikistan are seeking to reach 500 million dollars of trade within the next two years.
Iran, Tajikistan seeking $500m trade ties
Speaking at the meeting, Mehrabian said: Fortunately, Iran and Tajikistan's ties have grown promisingly during the Raisi Administration.
Mehrabian stated: This year, we are witnessing the growth of trade, which is expected to continue.
He said: In order to continue the growth, the economic delegations of two countries should become more active.
The Minister of Energy also has noted that Iran and Tajikistan have so far held 14 commissions, and various documents have been signed, but during the last visit of Tajik officials to Iran, 17 cooperation documents were sign.
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