Publish date5 Dec 2022 - 19:57
Story Code : 575793

Iran's envoy: US against nations' interests

The Iranian president's special envoy on Afghanistan affairs emphasized: "Arrogant US does not seek the interests of nations."
 In August of last year, 2021, US President Joe Biden ordered the immediate withdrawal of his country's troops from Afghanistan. Although this order marked the end of 20 years of US occupation of Afghanistan, this action was so irresponsible and had negative consequences that many refer to it as the darkest page of the record of the Biden's Administration.
Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Iranian president's special envoy on Afghanistan, said about US attempt to start ethnic and religious conflicts: "The US is trying to create an atmosphere of mistrust between Iran and the Taliban."
Kazemi Qomi said that the main reason for US failure in Afghanistan was not accompanying the people of this country and added: "The Americans will not let a strong government be formed in countries like Afghanistan."
The Iranian special envoy on Afghanistan affairs also noted about US withdrawal from Afghanistan: "This instability and chaos was what the US wanted to prove that the absence of American troops would cause instability in Afghanistan."
Kazemi Qomi pointed out: "America has tried very hard to start ethnic-religious wars in this one- year and few months in the psychological game."
The top diplomat stressed: "The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on supporting the people of Afghanistan and based on the orders of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and this policy has been explained."
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