Publish date4 Dec 2022 - 17:43
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Cooperation with neighbors on security issues, Iran's priority, official says

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs said the main approach of the Raisi administration in foreign relations is to pay special attention to boost ties with the neighbors in the field of security.
Cooperation with neighbors on security issues, Iran
Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs stated that by using the synergy of capacities with the neighboring countries in various sectors, especially in the areas related to the security and stability of the region, it is possible to establish a serious interaction with these countries.
Bagheri stated that when the cooperation frameworks between Iran and neighboring countries in the field of security are formed, there will usually be no room for escalating tension and stabilization of exogenous factors in the region, and these relations can provide consolidation of stability in the region.
The Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran also pointed out that he has traveled to India, Qatar and Russia in the last week and added that these trips were made in the framework of strengthening the neighborhood and regional policy.
Bagheri pointed to intensive consultations with the authorities of India, Qatar and Russia and emphasized that the main purpose of these trips was to consult on bilateral, regional and international issues, restore relations and hold consultative meetings with the officials of these countries.
Bagheri stated that the Foreign Ministry of Iran has a special view on the policy of consolidating the neighborhood and said that the view of the Iranian government is to develop relations with its neighbors and the statistics show that in more than one year the relations with the neighbors in all fields and especially in the commercial and economic field is developed.
The political deputy of Iran's foreign minister stated that improving Iran's relations with neighboring countries and the region can form powerful components, in which the Islamic Republic of Iran plays a pivotal role.
Bagheri emphasized that in such a situation, on the one hand, Iran's national interests and economic needs will be guaranteed, and on the other hand, the fields of economic development will be provided more seriously.
The political deputy of Iran's foreign minister noted that talks with the officials of the Russian Foreign Ministry includes a series of bilateral, regional and international relations, and Iran and Russia emphasize on the development of cooperation.
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