Publish date3 Dec 2022 - 16:44
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Stockholm mosque condemns desecration of holy Qur’an

Stockholm Mosque has issued a message on its social media account to condemn the latest desecration of Qur’an as a destroyed copy of the holy book has been chained to a pole in the vicinity of the mosque on Friday.
Stockholm mosque condemns desecration of holy Qur’an
Images shared by the Stockholm Mosque show the damaged holy book of Islam chained up and hanging from an iron railing outside the mosque in the latest instance of Islamophobia in the European country.

The mosque said in a statement that it and its congregation frequently receive threats.

In the statement made on the social media account of the Stockholm Mosque, it was stated that Muslims were humiliated by tying the destroyed Qur’an to the garden bars next to the door of the mosque with chains.

The statement, which also includes a photo of the incident, said, “Our mosque and our congregation receive threats very widely. Racists always make a new attempt to smear those who are not themselves. We share these photos and information in order to attract the attention of both our congregation and the public, and to prevent hate crime from being normalized.”

The mosque has been subjected to Islamophobic attacks before such as anti-Islamic graffiti and writings painted on its door.

It said that it shared the photographs and information about the incident to draw the attention of the public and to prevent hate crimes from being normalized.
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