Publish date3 Dec 2022 - 17:32
Story Code : 575490

Iran says real winner of FIFA World Cup is Palestinian people

The real winner of the FIFA World Cup is the Palestinian people, and the loser is the Zionist regime, says Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani.
 "The spillover of resistance against the occupation from Gaza to the West Bank and occupied Palestine," he added.
"The global hate against the Zionist regime, which was to some extent displayed on the sidelines of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar," he added.
"Ratification of the UN General Assembly resolution to declare Israel’s establishment as the Day of Nakbah or Catastrophe, etc," the tweet reads.
"The focus of the apartheid Zionist regime and its supporters on Iranophobia is a desperate and futile attempt to distract the public opinion from the Palestinian issue and put Israel, which is dying, on life support," Kanaani noted.
"The Israeli regime’s attempts to sign compromise deals with more states, with the US regime’s support, will not lessen the world nations’ hate for this regime and its illegitimate nature," the thread ended.
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