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Iran strongly condemns French interference in internal affairs

30 Sep 2022 - 18:59

The director of Western Europe Department of Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday summoned the French chargé d'affaires in the absence of the country’s ambassador in protest of the meddlesome statement of the French Foreign Ministry and also the participation of three ministers of the French cabinet in anti-Iran protests as well as the Charli Hebdo’s insulting move.

The chargé d'affaires was told that the French Foreign Ministry’s statement only sought to vindicate rioters who had no goal but to damage public property and harm people.

The official of Iran’s Foreign Ministry added that French officials are exercising double standards because, on the one hand, they host groups that have been directly involved in recent and also many other riots in Iran, and on the other hand, they condemn Iran’s police for dealing with the same rioters.
The Iranian official underscored that perhaps, French officials had forgotten the way their police dealt with yellow vest protesters who had disrupted order and security in the country.
The director of Western Europe Department of the Foreign Ministry also referred to a part of the French Foreign Ministry’s statement that said Paris, the EU, and other partners would put all options on the table in reaction to the latest developments in Iran. He said the Islamic Republic would never tolerate foreign interference in its internal affairs and will take necessary action in due course through closely monitoring the stance and movements of foreign governments.

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