Publish date26 Sep 2022 - 22:13
Story Code : 566752

Iran condemns US double standards vis-à-vis unrest

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kanaani, referring to the support of the United States and Europe to the unrests in Iran, said: "Those who claim to defend the rights of Iranians should abandon their false slogans and end decades of cruel and inhumane sanctions against the nation."
Iran condemns US double standards vis-à-vis unrest
He added: "In the recent riots, the US and some of the European political leaders, their media, as well as the Persian-language media supported by the West, utilized a tragic event, and under the pretext of supporting the rights of Iranians, fully supported the rioters and disrupters of Iran's security, but they ignored or belittled the support of millions of Iranians and their strong opposition to the unrest."

"Undoubtedly, the hybrid war of the enemies against Iran will fail and will be recorded in Iran's history," he noted.
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