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UK heavily reduces trade tariffs for Syria

19 Aug 2022 - 21:00

The United Kingdom has announced that it will offer the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad a huge reduction in trade tariffs, in a bid to cut import costs and assist the economies of developing countries.

Under that scheme, the UK will drop tariffs on 85 per cent of goods traded between the country and the States listed, with the aim of cutting import costs for British consumers and helping boost the economies of the poorer nations. One of those eight States now included in the scheme is Syria.
According to the British newspaper, iNews, the UK's trade with Syria is worth around £6 million ($7.2 million), with exports to the war-ridden country worth £4 million. In the last fiscal year, the UK reportedly imported £2 million worth of goods from Syria.
According to the British government's latest report published this month, the top exports to Syria from Britain are dairy products and mechanical and electrical goods, while the top imports from the UK to Syria are textiles, sugar and vegetables.

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