Publish date16 Jul 2022 - 23:55
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Belarus eyeing on develop trade ties with Iran

A trade delegation from Belarus met with the Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade Reza Fatemi-Amin here in Tehran on Saturday.
Belarus eyeing on develop trade ties with Iran
"Exchanges between Iran and Belarus should not be limited to exports and imports of goods, and they should rather manage to jointly produce some products to boost economic relations between the two countries," added the minister.
Great measures can be taken in the area of mineral equipment, the minister said, adding that Iran has both significant mineral reserves and powerful mineral companies.
“Iran has one percent of the world population while Iran’s current discovered reserves of the copper stand at 7% of the total world reserves,” Fatemi-Amin said.
Referring to the big potential of Belarus’ mineral industry, he said that if Iran and Belarus begin joint production of minerals, they can count on conquering big markets in the world.
The minister said that he would have a trip to Belarus nearly 20 years later, where he would be accompanied by a small group of businesspersons.
He, however, said that a major group of Iranian economic activists is due to visit Belarus within the next two months, where they will explore further exchanges between businesses.
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