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Hamas hails UN report on Israel's siege on Gaza

2 Jul 2022 - 21:44

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on Friday hailed the United Nations Office for Human Rights Affairs (UNOCHA)'s report shedding light on the Israeli siege on Gaza.

Al-Qanou called for the international community to hold Israel accountable for its "oppression and aggression" against Palestinians.
He also called for the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation to stop its violations and attacks on Palestinians, as well as to lift its oppressive siege on Gaza.

The UNOCHA report shared that Israel's land, sea and air blockade: "Has significantly exacerbated previous restrictions, limiting the number and specified categories of people and goods allowed in and out through the Israeli-controlled crossings."
According to the report: "Israeli forces restrict access off the Gaza coast, currently only allowing fishermen to access 50 per cent of the fishing waters allocated for this purpose under the Oslo Accords."
It also reported: "Unemployment levels in Gaza are amongst the highest in the world: the Q1 jobless rate in 2022 was 46.6 per cent, compared with an average of 34.8 per cent in 2006. Youth unemployment for the same period (age 15-29) stands at 62.5 per cent."
The report added: "31 per cent of households in Gaza have difficulties meeting essential education needs such as tuition fees and books, due to lack of financial resources, and 1.3 million out of 2.1 million Palestinians in Gaza (62 per cent) require food assistance."
The report also noted that Gaza's sole power plant and electricity bought from Israel only meet about 50 per cent of the electricity demand in Gaza, while 78 per cent of piped water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption.

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